Hello all you wonderful sober moms.  After 6 1/2 yrs. of not drinking and the many gifts god has blessed me with I have some time on my hands to give back to all those who gave me so much.  This website has many different outlets, places to learn and share about your toddlers, relationships, recipes, links to important information both health and recovery related please bookmark it and send it on to all of your friends in your address book and link it on facebook to your friends.  I'd really appreciate passing the word on.  The support we all will receive from one another will be irreplaceable and as a new mom who doesn't drink know that stress relieving tips, sharing how people handled similar situations and didn't pick up will all teach us to be stronger, better moms, wives and people. 

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  1. I want to start a site for my Roller derby team, every we have is usually a bebo right now. How can I start a website that has a department of transportation com, or html, etc, that I may design on my own, and keep up on my own so that we can actually have a site for fans to visit???? Thanks any help valued..

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