Sleep Advice

I went back to work after 4 months maternity and needed some rest.  At that point wake ups were more frequent but have gotten much better.  I find it so funny that some books say let them cry it out and within a week they’ll sleep thru well not every child is the child these books speak of nor do I think parenting was meant to be torture for either parent or child.  Parenthood to me is about love, compassion, nurturing, and compromise from both you and your partner.  The other methods we tried referring to conditioning your child to go back to sleep on their own; sitting by the crib when they awaken, not picking them up, not going in at all even if they are screaming, putting a nightlite in the room, giving them something comforting to cuddle, giving more food at dinner, pushing bedtime, etc.  I have found that all of these go out the window with a nursed and/or a teething child or maybe I should just say my child.  I believe many of you mom’s reading can relate that once you hear the gut wrenching wails of your baby whom you carried for 9 months and protect each and everyday, all suggestions and books go out the window and instinct carries you thru.  Of course unless you have a child with special needs that force you to follow a specific routine and for those of you in that situation I respect your unending love and patience doing what is best for the needs of your child. 

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