Green Eggs & Ham

I have a close friend whose twins just turned 1 she reminded me of the age old classic books from Dr. Seuss as their party was a Dr. Seuss theme.  It's funny that amongst all of the books we have we hadn't gotten any Dr. Suess yet but luckily we were given The Foot Book in our goodie bag which my daughter cannot stop flipping through and wants read to her repeatedly.  It got me thinking of the importance of variety in our childrens lives not just with books but toys as well so my friend and I have started rotating some toys our kids are to big or small for and reintroducing new one's they don't have and then reswapping down the road it's like a free giant toy store because chances are your friends kids have many things your kids do not with the amount of toys out there… so go swap some stuff and watch as your child revels in thinking she just got a new toy or book.

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