Lack of discipline o.k. sometimes…

So today my toddler again decided she didn't need a nap well thanks to a 4am feeding and our dog waking up barking 2x I was pooped all day oh and did I mention today I had no coffee yes no liquid from the gods to start my day, not even tea because I got so busy I forgot to make it!  Well I am usually extremely carreful of the amount of tv our children watch, in other words its VERY little and only educational variety…well today we broke the rules, vegged on the floor under a blanket and watched "Misty" an very old horse movie on the family friendly section of netflix which was perfect for my little one's viewing pleasure of course she didn't watch barely any of it but it was the simple fact mom left the tv on for 2 hours and she never does and I flew her on top of my legs while doing the airplane which she loves!  I got no housework done but boy it was fun except for the pounding headache from no coffee eekkk….

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