New Identity

I have been struggling at times with who am I now that I am a stay-at-home-mom I realize how much I thrive on time spent with my friends, husband, family and also just alone…but I don't know who this new person is I have become, I can juggle multiple tasks-i.e. -what I believe should be the definition of a mom, giving unconditional love, being able to walk around with your heart outside of you forever (heard this somewhere and loved it) but who is Becky…what do I do just for me?? well I am learning with the help of some amazing friends to take time for me even if it is 5 minutes of peace in the sun or a 30 minute jog at the gym, taking some pictures and scrapbooking, etc. the children even need down time from me so I am realizing I am better at everything if I can recharge my batteries and feel whole in the greatness of just being quiet and still and knowing god is there….

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