A case of the mommy’s!!!

For about a week everytime I leave and run to the grocery store or hit the gym upon returning I am greeted by not ONE but TWO screaming inconsolable children grabbing my leg with streaming tears running down their faces.  With a look of not so sweetness I ask my husband "what happened why are they acting like this" to which he says "they were fine and then they go crazy when you get home."  So I ask why is it that the person who is with them the most seems to get the brunt of the good and bad behavior mostly the bad:)  I think I read somewhere that it's because they know it's safe to show that parent their worst.  Fast forward another day later and I head to Zumba all full of positive endorphins with minimal expectations of peace upon opening my door and I get smiles and sweetness followed immediately by both of them fighting to sit on my lap and both screaming "mommy"!!!  I now know when this happens it is best to remove myself so I headed to the shower where I ponder opening the door for the screaming toddlers but I don't, I remind myself they need to learn I cannot be there every second of everyday although, secretly this lesson breaks my heart.

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