Balloon Festival May 21-23 NSB Aiport

Seaside Fiesta, Dog Friendly Event, Flagler Ave. 5pm June 17

Ormond Beach Seafood Festival, June 19-20 The Casements, Children activities 

Storytime at Port Orange Library Tues. 10am-Toddler Time Ages 2 to 3  Thurs. at 945am Mother Goose ages 3 mo.-18 mo.  and Thurs. at 1030am Tiny Tots (activities & stories) for 18 mo.-24 mo.

May 29-30 Fishstock, NSB Riverside Park



“Parenthood” and the funny things kids do

So last night after we managed to get both girls down by 830pm my husband and I finished watching Parenthood, the movie w/Uma Thurman!  SOOO good go netflix it or BB it today.  It really sheds the life of mothers in a very reality based light.  We juggle so many tasks it often leads to forgetting about what we want and need from life to keep us happy & alive aside from loving on our wonderful kids.  Before Madalynn went to bed I was nursing Cassidy and a nursing pad was sitting on the coffee table, Madalynn walked over to it picked it up and said "Hat, hat" and proceeded to place it on her head.  We laughed so hard, now those are the moments we need to not worry about when we will sleep again etc.:)

New baby makes 4

Well I had our daughter Cassidy on Sunday and we are all adjusting well.  Although feedings are frequent during the day she sleeps for 2-3 hours at night which is already different than our first.  There truely is nothing like the smell of your newborn or the way they gaze up at you with those first sightings after wandering what you looked like all those months.  There have been a few minor bumps along the way with getting used to our new routine and asking for the right help from my husband…not sure about the rest of you but it is true honey there is "selective hearing" when it comes to husbands:)  However I'm not perfect and sleep deprivation definitely makes me a little more reactive than usual but for 1 week home things are flowing so well.  We truely are the lucky one's to be able to bring the beauty of childhood into the world and teach these little amazing people everything they know…well almost…I gotta give grandparents and other mom friends some credit too because we all do learn from eachother's experiences.  Gotta go check on baby girl…please post something if your out there:)

9 months and counting

Well my official due date with baby #2 is tomorrow, I have reached the true nesting period where yesterday I pulled weeds, did every dirty dish, picked up every toy and put everything in it's place I thought for sure she was coming.  But no such luck, the doctors really are just "guesstamating" in my opionion especially this time because I was nursing and we don't have an exact end of cycle date to go by…soooo we wait.  Madalynn knows something is going on she's been sooo sweet giving me lots of hugs and kisses the last few days.  I swear motherhood truely is the most amazing experience today was the best day we went to Walmart, yeah I know sooo exciting but my idea of an outing since becoming a SAHM has changed and now I just appreciate getting out.  She napped, mommy napped which is sooo needed in the 40th week I have been extra tired, not sleeping well at night, then we filled up baby pool and played outside in the beautiful FL sunshine and then to top it off a walk at the park with dad and our dog, Harlee and ice cream sundaes at home!  The simplest and purest things bring me the most joy now and I try to be sure I tell my husband and daughter how much I love them daily because really you've got to share those important words with the one's you love especially to remind you when their being less than perfect how wonderful things can be if you pay attention to how truely blessed we all are.  Wish me luck!

Unpredictability=definition of Toddler

Well just when we get the sleeping thing down at 14 months-thank the lord!  Our sweet little Madalynn has started teething again this time with her 1st set of molars.  Ugh it's interesting how some parents I know say their kid was barely phased by any teeth and some had alot of issue's.  We are part of the later group she started teething at 4 months and many teething tabs, teething rings, tylenol doses and frozen popsicles later it has started again!  I do notice it seems as though girls are more sensitive to teething than boys, I wonder why that is.  She has been pretty fussy which is not like her, she's really a happy, laid back kid unless she's tired or in pain.  I've reached the point of aggravation with giving her 4 or 5 different food choices on a plate and her picking 1 which is usually the fruit or non-substance of the meal, so I've tried not putting the fruit on the plate to get something other than milk in her but after much debate/reading and talking with other moms know if your kid wants more milk than their body is telling them that's what they need.  So 1 day she eats all the lunchmeat, cheese and fruit then the next she won't even touch the same food…she turns her nose up like it's an intruder on her plate and screams "bah bah bah bah" which for her means milk so I give in but not before trying to bribe her with yogurt instead:) 

She has the accompanying runny nose and loose stools that I know some kids get too.  I have included a link from babycenter which is a great site if you haven't been to it I'd recommend bookmarking it with some info on teething.


I have also included the link for the latest Tylenol recall for you to bookmark so we can all be sure we are giving our kids the safest and most effective medicines in the least amount possible.