Finding a good pre-school

Before I had kids I never really thought of the importance of a pre-school curriculum now that we have 2 toddlers one who can navigate our I-Pad beter than me and figure out a matching game in seconds, I find myself obsessing over it frequently.  We have been overall pretty happy for the past year at a faith based school which is small and offers an age appropriate curriculum as well as VPK when the time comes.  However I'd be lying if along the way I haven't questioned things, I question them all of the time because I tend to compare too other programs.  A friend recently put her kids in a unique program at a local high school for future educators to earn childcare hours and create a lesson plan etc. Ever since I heard of this program I have been comparing and contrasting our's to their's, oh they get to go on a school bus, we don't yet, oh they get 1:1 attention being as there is 1 student assigned to each child, our's is 1:8 but then I remembered our's are certified pre-school teachers.  I also asked my daughter what she likes about her school" I like playing with my friends, lining up to go outside, doing crafts and my teachers." There you have it she's happy!  Now when will I stop second guessing myself?  In speaking with others it doesn't sound like it will be happening anytime soon:)  So I picked a knowledgeable person in education who used to screen programs to see if they met state requirements.  She said do they have early learning centers that promote creative play? Yes, Do they have a set curriculum, letter of the day, crafts etc. yes, Are the teachers loving? Yes, Do they have a playground-Yes then whY do I keep worrying, well in part because it's who I am and the other part is I want to set our kids up for excellence but also allow them to be kids:)

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