A new year

Well this year as I contemplated what my new years resolution might be I reminded myself my resolution should be something I do daily or at least on most days and something attainable and that will bring me joy.  So I vowed to not make a resolution but to make a commitment to stop with the unending rule book and lighten up on myself and others.  I managed to have a pretty rough end to 2011 by worrying about everything from daycare sicknesses to should I work or not, to why doesn't this person like me anymore, after I realized staying at home full-time wasn't great for me and got a part-time job I am learning the girls also needed a change.  Madalynn needs to play with kids her age and have a break from her sisters unending poking and prodding and following her big sis around.  Cassidy had just entered the toddler phase and being as I just went through it less than a year prior I needed my own adult time.  So this perfect job that god found for me is turning into more than I could have ever hoped for.  I have decided in 2012 to live in the present more, eat more ice cream, stop overthinking (or at least try to), stop trying to control the journey for others they have their own path, and enjoy every minute with my beautiful daughters and husband.