A case of the mommy’s!!!

For about a week everytime I leave and run to the grocery store or hit the gym upon returning I am greeted by not ONE but TWO screaming inconsolable children grabbing my leg with streaming tears running down their faces.  With a look of not so sweetness I ask my husband "what happened why are they acting like this" to which he says "they were fine and then they go crazy when you get home."  So I ask why is it that the person who is with them the most seems to get the brunt of the good and bad behavior mostly the bad:)  I think I read somewhere that it's because they know it's safe to show that parent their worst.  Fast forward another day later and I head to Zumba all full of positive endorphins with minimal expectations of peace upon opening my door and I get smiles and sweetness followed immediately by both of them fighting to sit on my lap and both screaming "mommy"!!!  I now know when this happens it is best to remove myself so I headed to the shower where I ponder opening the door for the screaming toddlers but I don't, I remind myself they need to learn I cannot be there every second of everyday although, secretly this lesson breaks my heart.

Appreciating your other half

So this week was the first time my husband has ever left on a business trip.  Since the girls were born most nights, unless he has to work late, which does happen occassionally, we are blessed to have meals together and the girls get daddy time.  At the start of the week I had so many things planned, a sleep over, trips to nana and papas, playdates etc. and then reality set in.  Did I mention the girls started swim lessons last week?  Well every year since our first who is now 3 started swim lessons someone has gotten sick, last year it was both of them and this year was no exception.  It doesn't seem to be anything serious but the wake ups have started again and not having someone to watch them so you can run to the store or hit the gym etc. is for lack of a better word, hard!  I got a glimpse of what it must be like for many single mothers out there, my feet are throbbing and I have never been so happy to crawl in bed at the ripe old hour of 8pm.  He will have only been gone 7 days but I am proud that in those 7 days I was supermom, I walked the dog 2x a day, cooked every night, filled their days with fun and loved on them when they started feeling bad.  Sometimes in the daily grind of sharing responsibilities I am guilty of being unappreciative to the person who truely needs it the most, my spouse.  So if you are blessed enough to have one kiss him/her goodnight and say thank you.

Sibling Rivalry

The last week or so have been interesting the girls have been fighting more than usual, today our oldest daughter (whose 3 1/2) was caught smacking her sister (whose 2) on the arm multiple times over playdough.  There has been numerous crying and the "bbbuuttt she's" have been endless.  I have been cool as a cucumber with them for a few months and then it all goes out the window with a week like this.  In addition to the fighting we are in the trenches with the pull up vs. diapers battle with our youngest meaning she will only wear a pull up and now takes it off when it's full of poop and gets it everywhere.  Last night in 4 minutes I put a new pull up on her, she pooped in it, I put another one on and 2 seconds later she took it off saying I peed.  The diapers market is a gold mine!  I have to say it is true you clean the floors, they come in with muddy feet, Murphy's Law. But as I type this I am reminded, although I am guilty of alot of time outs this week and a few over reactions we are raising daughter's who will hopefully learn how to treat eachother with respect and in turn thank us someday or at least a mom can dream can't she?