Spreading joy..

I took my 22 month old to see a friend who had a hip replaced in a nursing home today and never realized how much joy 1 little person could spread, we were only there maybe 20 minutes because she's never been to a hospital before so I wasn't sure how she'd react, she wore her halloween costume which was a gator cheerleader outfit for a toddler so cute and the smiles of people who were in pain, maybe have no one visit them or just feeling lonely were ireplaceable they said"oh how cute, she's so sweet, how old, whats her name, etc. and just seemed happy for a moment so next time you have the opportunity to brighten someone's day unexpectedly just do it you both will benefit from it!

Quote from a meditation group I get emails from….


I remind myself of my imperfections but also try not to beat myself up knowing everyone is flawed but we can find the goodness in everyone we love if we continue to look for it…

Nobody's Perfect

Any time we want life to be different than it is, we are caught in impatience. We lose our sense of humor; and self-pity, despair, and blame seep into the heart. Gentle forbearance includes the spirit of forgiveness. When we feel conflict with others, understanding their suffering is the first step in being able to communicate, forgive, and begin again. The practice of forgiveness happens when we are able to realize the underlying cause of our anger and impatience, and this allows us to distinguish between someone’s unskillful behavior and essential goodness. Serenity and calm develop as we learn to accept imperfection in others and ourselves.

Michele McDonald

Moms w/IBS

So once you have multiple children your trying to care for, suddenly your diet gets put on the back burner and although I have always been a "good" eater, love yogurt, don't drink hardly any soda, occasionally like a sweet tea, love salads, etc. I have noticed since I hit the ground running now that I grab and go throughout the day.  For someone with IBS this can mean the difference between pain and no pain.  I have always had issue's with wheat in the past but since so many breakfast foods have wheat in them have such a hard time avoiding it.  But after several weeks of pain and discomfort have committed to a "cleanse" yes I know call me crazy this comes at a time when there will be mass amounts of sweets at my house for Halloween.  I plan on avoiding wheat products, taking a probiotic and having minimal dairy for a week to see if this changes things.  I hate that I have this issue but I know we all have our ailments…the past few weeks combined with a flu have been extra difficult but I know there is always someone going through a much harder time than me and I try to find things to be grateful for which for today was going to the library for a costume parade with my girls and then eating a grilled chicken breast salad for lunch-yum!  I'll let you guys know if this helps my symptoms…also if anyone else has this issue please let me know how you cope with it.

Light Fettucine carbonara-my recipe

1 package fettucine noodles

3/4 cup half n half or milk

2 tbsp. butter

1/2 tsp. minced garlic (more if you like alot -I'm not a huge garlic person)

1/2 cup parmesan cheese (grated)

salt and pepper to taste, dash of basil, parsley

cubed ham & peas-how much depends on taste

cook noodles

In seperate pan melt butter and add garlic, next add milk and cheese and spices and then toss with ham, noodles and peas

Mom support

so after a hell—ascious yes I made the word up:) week as a friend and I sat with runny noses and sinus headaches getting a pedicure I realized how important having good mom friends is, we chatted about the things you never want to say but think, our beautiful kids and cleansed both our souls and feet.  We took some much needed us time and got to know eachother a little better as woman before the kids came.  For stay at home moms so often our identity becomes "mom" once we stop working and we forget many things make up who we are: friend, photographer, writer, walker, cooker, wife, surfer, yoga lover sooo fill in the ______blank and grab a girlfriend and vent, scream or just enjoy yourself.


Well I believe my 21 month old is going thru the terrible two's….I was so hoping she would just skip over them all together but no such luck she has had numerous fits over the smallest things and is testing her boundaries with me, I tend to be the parent who reacts, its just my personality, my husband just ignores her even if she is screaming at the top of her lungs I so wish I had his patience sometimes..we are just different…so we have put her in many timeouts, she locked herself in her room the other day so out came the screwdriver to get her out!  Man…and the one who should be fussy and screaming the baby is as sweet as can be:)  Thank god they go thru things at different times because I don't believe I could handle twins my heart goes out to a friend of mine who does have twins and I give her so much crredit I guess god strategically places children with their parents and knows the parents of twins must have a ton of patience:)  I remind myself as I type this, this too shall pass and my sweet toddler will be back not to far off in the future or at least one can hope:)