Lifesavers-the mom friend

As a dear friend of mine and I were swinging our kids and trying to carry on a conversation amist 3 toddlers chatter and my 9 month old we relished in the fact that after we both became stay-at-home moms we needed a "lifesaver" friend.  The library storytime brought us together and we have had so many playdates, coffee breaks, trips to the park or beach and even a few adult no kids outings that I do not know what I would have done without this last year she truely is my lifesaver friend.  I have been blessed with more than 1 great mom friend.  We all need people in our life that we can call and vent to about the frustrations of not getting sleep, toddler tantrums, teething or to share the sweetness of your child saying I love you or saying goodbye and blowing a kiss for the first time of course our spouse is great but a gal pal can give us the reassurance we may be missing amongst the loneliness that sometimes comes with staying at home each and everyday with two young children.  So to all you wonderful gal pals I love you! 

Spring Fever

Who says there isn't winter in FL?  I don't know about all of you but I am so happy to see the sun and even though there is a slight chill in the air the flowers are starting to bud, the birds are chirping and I am so excited for grilling outdoors and beach fun.  Today my girls played with a few small toys in a bucket of water for about 30 minutes then my toddler played on her slide while I swang the baby…my Valentines is complete and I haven't even gotten to kiss my hubby yet what a great day….it truely is the simplest things in life…but the day did not start out this way, we can choose to make lemons or lemonade my girls teach me daily to make lemonade. Happy Valentines Everyone!

Toddler Fatigue

Well the last two days my grown up two year old has once again decided she doesn't need a nap, yesterday I was shocked after she went to toddler gymnastics, played outside for an hour and still fought the nap then dinnertime rolled around and guess who fell asleep on the couch at the worst possible time-5pm and she was sound asleep.  When we awoke her for dinner she was a bear where did my sweet daughter go she cried and fussed for about an hour needless to say she was overtired, then today once again at naptime I had to go check on her 3 times after the 3rd time I gave up, she wasn't going to nap so we went on with our day. 430pm rolled around and we went for a family bike ride, we were having a nice time and then we heard a thug and she had fallen asleep and her helmet was hitting my husband's back as she was on his bike in a child seat.  What do I do if my kid doesn't understand she needs to nap!  Well the good news is she went to bed then and hopefully will sleep the whole night.