A season full of abundance

Today my parents, girls and I were sitting around talking after we decorated their tree and I was putting together a list of rather amazing coincidences or "god winks" as I call them.  This season I love to look back and connect the various amazing events that have occurred this year there have been many. A few months back I changed my attitude I set some boundaries and stopped rescuing people.  I also stopped doing things I didn't want to do.  I made time for those things that are important to me, 1 being writing.  Last year I queried soo many magazines and finally felt a bit defeated after none responded that was until……one finally did!! Fast forward a year later and I can now claim I am a published article two times and one even paid me a little and sent me 5 copies of the magazine.  If that isn't god saying keep on trying I don't know what is.  Then there is the job…last year I enjoyed another wonderful 12 months being back home but was craving some brain food.  I didn't go to college to not use my brain and as much as I love my girls I wasn't using my brain doing crafts and trucking them to playdates.  I needed more.  So I prayed and stumbled across a career website I never go to and found my perfect job for now a least:)  I work part-time in my field doing something I love, helping kids! 

I'd be lying if I said this year was perfect or I handled every situation like a grown up. Nope not quite there yet but I did handle it sober and gracefully.  I apologized when needed and let go of some people who need to grow on their own and whom even though I want them to change, are not ready to. 

This is truely my favorite time of year and even though families are not perfect I have finally gotten to the age where I accept, embrace and love all of our imperfections whether we fight, hug or drive eachother nuts we are there for eachother in the end.