Is that dinner?

So tonight at dinner our 3 yr. old said I'm not hungry, as I always do I said well I'm sorry to hear that but you still have to come to the table and sit with the family while we eat the yummy dinner I worked hard making.  After she moaned and groaned a little more she reluctantly climbed up in her seat.  I made mahi mahi (pan seared lightly with olive oil, lemon & veggie seasoning), carrots with brown sugar and butter-yum and risotto this was a more upscale dinner than the boring spaghetti or chicken and rice we throw together during the week.  So I new from experience rice is no longer on her radar but surely she'd eat the carrots …afterall they are "her favorite vegetable" she started to stick her nose up and we just went on merrily eating and ignoring her comments..meanwhile her 20 month old sister devoured everything and wanted "more mahi".  While we were commenting on how good it all tasted a few bites went in and then the mmmm's started she finished all of her mahi and even ate a carrot or two so don't give up and pass the yogurt or cereal over to them afterall does any toddler ever really know what he/she wants???