Fun Craft Idea

O.k. so todays activity with my toddler is making a birdhouse from a milk carton, reference issue August 2010 written by Vanessa Boer & Kristine Trevino

You'll need a milk carton, thin twigs from outside, glue, buttons of all kinds, paint and a flat spongy type of paint brush, birdseed and a sharp knife or scissors

My 19 mo. old held the brush easily and did this craft extremely well. I was so proud!  I'll attach a pic when it is all complete, I used superglue because the twigs didn't stay on with regular glue

Recovery Quotes

This was sent to me from a friend and I had to share.
Saturday, Jun. 12
Those who love you are not fooled by mistakes you have made or dark images you hold about yourself. They remember your beauty when you feel ugly; your wholeness when you are broken; your innocence when you feel guilty; and your purpose when you are confused.

Spending time w/family

My brother came to visit today and it  was the perfect finish to another great weekend.  Saturday we had an impromtu lunch with our great friends and then I got a new laptop!  Yippee mommy has her own now!  Since I don't work anymore I often feel bad purchasing things for myself or having us dip into the family fund for non-necessities but this was one of those items I need to connect with the outside world both via this blog, my many parents sites and just for having a moment to surf the net in mindless bliss if I find a free moment in between feedings, playtime and changes.  The visit with Uncle Chris was my focus in this blog…its wonderful when you get to see the life your child gives to not only you and your spouse but to your extended family as well.  Madalynn giggled, hugged, teased, and ran Chris ragged and he enjoyed every minute immensley.  It also gives me such pleasure to see the various interactions between my family and our children they all play different w/her but she has a ball with them all.

Cease the moment

So often I think we schedule ourselves as parents and can miss the opportunity for a spur of the moment dose of joy! Last night after the perfect summer meal, margarita chicken, corn on the cob and hashbrown casserole, we were contemplating going for ice cream because even though DD is down the street, it was nearing bedtime, etc. and also having a 2 mo. old makes anything tricky if its not timed right.  Well we braved the event, loaded our trusty lab in the explorer along with the girls and headed for an adventure.  I learned how quickly soft serve melts while laughing at our 19 mo. old's face covered in pure ice cream and our dog enjoying drippings!  It is now going to become a Sunday ritual.  We have to stop and cease the moment and remember we were all kids once:)

Delicious Super Easy Summer Dessert

I made this last weekend and it was a hit!

Strawberry Delight

1 5 oz. package strawberry gelatin

2 frozen packs strawberries

1 angel food cake

1 container cool whip or heavy whipping cream

Make gelatin with 2 cups of water bring to a boil, add frozen strawberries 1 1/2 packs reserving 1/2 pack for top of dessert and 1 tbsp. liquid for topping

Layer bottom of pan with torn pieces (about 1 inch) of angel food cake, pour strawberry mixture over cake until all covered

Chill overnight then add cool whip topping/or heavy cream mixed with 1 tbsp. of liquid and top with berries

Another fun family outing

Harry P. Leu Gardensfeatures paved scenic walkways that take you through fifty acres of southern styled gardens including:

  • America's largest Camellia collection outside California

  • Three acres of idea gardens for weekend projects

  • The largest formal rose garden in Florida. 

  • A house museum dating from the 1880's. 

  • Two acre Tropical Stream Garden

  • Vegetable and Herb Garden

  • Butterfly Garden

  • Palm, bamboo and cycad gardens

The Mission of Harry P. Leu Gardens is to inspire people to appreciate and understand plants, the environment of Central Florida and the Gardens' historic significance.

Group tours, weddings and facility rentals are available with reservations.  See the column on the left for more information.

The Leu House Museum is open 10:00 a.m. -4:00 p.m. with tours every thirty minutes on the half hour.  The last tour begins at 3:30 p.m.  The Leu House Museum is closed in July

Classes and symposia on landscaping, horticulture, fine arts, crafts and children's classes are available with pre-registration.  Click on "Education" in the column on the left for more information.

Hours:  Gardens open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. except Christmas day. Last Garden admission at 4:00 pm.

Leu House Museum tours from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. every 30 minutes. The Leu House Museum is closed for repairs and inventory in July. 


Cost of Admission is only $7.00 for adults and $2.00 for children grades(K-12).  Free admission (excluding tour groups) on on the first Monday of every month 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Directions:  Click on "Visitor Info" at the top of the column on the left.

Pets  Sorry, pets are not permitted within the Gardens.

Harry P. Leu Gardens
1920 N. Forest Ave.
Orlando, FL 32803-1537
407-246-2620 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              Directions

Local Berry Picking Farms

Subject: U-Pick Blackberry Farms  – Next update – Where are the Certified Organic Blueberry Farms?
Thank you for letting me know of the U-Pick thornless blackberry patch withing a 75 mile radius of Ocala.  I learned there are three and a report on these three U-Pick Blackberry farms follows:
I received an email from Sherry Brothers, president of the Florida Blackberry Growers Association and she said her farm in Anthony, Florida (Blues Brothers – blackberries, blueberries, 4290 NE 97th Street Road, Anthony, FL 32617. Phone: 352-629-0039. Email: is now "picked out" and closed for the season.  She said she had a great turnout for her blackberry upick crop.  She confirmed what many of you told me that there are two other U-Pick Blackberry farms within a one hour drive of Ocala.
Deep Creek Berry farm is the closest to Ocala but it is not near a large population center.  Typically the U-Pick farms the greatest distance from a population center are the very last to be "picked out".  Deep Creek Berry Farm is only 21 miles north of B & G Blueberries on 315.   (Their address is 100 Deep Creek Rd  Interlachen, Florida 32148).  They have 4 acres in production and the owners, Bonnie and Eric Calkins say the berries are in now and they are beautiful they invite you all out to pick the best blackberries you have ever had and we should have berries for the next three weeks.  Phone 386-972-1770. Alternate Phone: 386-684-2024
Webb site is  Also information about their farm in Putnam County is on Pick your own . org
 Center Hill Berry Patch – Owners Bonnie and Rick Vencis said their farm is a one hour drive from Tampa, Orlando, and Ocala.  Their address is 8142 County Road 702 Center Hill, Fl. 33514.  They have 2 acres of Thornless Blackberries.  They can be contacted at 352-568-8154.  They believe they will continue to have blackberries for the next three weeks.
Their web site is 
Also information about their farm in Sumter County is on Pick your own . org

Seeking Balance

Another reading that spoke to me recently..

Eastern medicines seek to maintain balance as a way of life.  That is a good way to approach taking care of our souls.  Perhaps your heart has been injured through the carelessness of another, or maybe your mind is troubled by distressing, uncomfortable, and sometimes wrong thoughts.  When we seek to restore balance, our hearts and our souls will heal.

Be aware of the imbalance in the thoughts in your mind and the emotions disturbing your peace.  Then listen to your spirit.  Let ie tell you in its still quiet way what it needs to regain balance.  Maybe you need some time alone, time in meditation or prayer, a quiet walk, a day at the zoo, or some sleep.

Language of Letting Go

So this is a meditation book I read everyday that lights me up, thought I'd share:

Honor your emotions, they are an important part of you.  They hold your connection to love, passion, joy, healing, and intuition.

Not having emotions would make us cold robots.  Emotions are part of the glory of being a human, and they're our connection to our hearts.

Respect and treasure your emotional self.  Learn to cherish your variety of emotions.