The bond of sisterhood

Recently I have noticed how much our daughters truely relate to one another at the age of 21 months and 4 1/2 months I never realized they would be so close so soon, my toddler brings the baby stuffed animals, toys, teething rings, bottles etc. and we recently started bathing them together of course the baby is in the baby tub but that is in the big tub with our toddler, they play, giggle, tickle eachothers toes (well the baby grabs them:) and my husband and I are realizing although it may be difficult at times it's really a good thing to have your kids close together, they have a playmate for life and who knows maybe they'll want to share a room down the road:)

New Identity

I have been struggling at times with who am I now that I am a stay-at-home-mom I realize how much I thrive on time spent with my friends, husband, family and also just alone…but I don't know who this new person is I have become, I can juggle multiple tasks-i.e. -what I believe should be the definition of a mom, giving unconditional love, being able to walk around with your heart outside of you forever (heard this somewhere and loved it) but who is Becky…what do I do just for me?? well I am learning with the help of some amazing friends to take time for me even if it is 5 minutes of peace in the sun or a 30 minute jog at the gym, taking some pictures and scrapbooking, etc. the children even need down time from me so I am realizing I am better at everything if I can recharge my batteries and feel whole in the greatness of just being quiet and still and knowing god is there….

Lack of discipline o.k. sometimes…

So today my toddler again decided she didn't need a nap well thanks to a 4am feeding and our dog waking up barking 2x I was pooped all day oh and did I mention today I had no coffee yes no liquid from the gods to start my day, not even tea because I got so busy I forgot to make it!  Well I am usually extremely carreful of the amount of tv our children watch, in other words its VERY little and only educational variety…well today we broke the rules, vegged on the floor under a blanket and watched "Misty" an very old horse movie on the family friendly section of netflix which was perfect for my little one's viewing pleasure of course she didn't watch barely any of it but it was the simple fact mom left the tv on for 2 hours and she never does and I flew her on top of my legs while doing the airplane which she loves!  I got no housework done but boy it was fun except for the pounding headache from no coffee eekkk….


My husband and I have always read to our youngest daughter from a very young age as part of her nightime routine but recently we started encorporating our newest daughter into the fun…I read to them both throughout the day and have noticed my 4month old really responded to the illustrations in the books and is even trying to flip the pages, they're never to young to start this age old tradition!  Our toddler knows where her books are and repeatedly pulls them out and brings them out to read both by herself and with us…so grab that book and enjoy some bonding with your kids

Green Eggs & Ham

I have a close friend whose twins just turned 1 she reminded me of the age old classic books from Dr. Seuss as their party was a Dr. Seuss theme.  It's funny that amongst all of the books we have we hadn't gotten any Dr. Suess yet but luckily we were given The Foot Book in our goodie bag which my daughter cannot stop flipping through and wants read to her repeatedly.  It got me thinking of the importance of variety in our childrens lives not just with books but toys as well so my friend and I have started rotating some toys our kids are to big or small for and reintroducing new one's they don't have and then reswapping down the road it's like a free giant toy store because chances are your friends kids have many things your kids do not with the amount of toys out there… so go swap some stuff and watch as your child revels in thinking she just got a new toy or book.

So fitting for today…from

O.k. so I was grumpy this morning due to a 1am and5 am feeding and starting to get short-tempered with hubby and toddler and then I read this.."Find a quiet place today and take a deep breath. Remember that perfection is unattainable and chaos is reality. Remind yourself that getting down on the floor and playing with your kids is more important than that sink of breakfast dishes, and to carve out time to nurture your body, soul, and marriage. …"

boy does that say it all…but I think I still try to do it all and perfectionism is sooo a part of me that I am slowly letting go of now that I am a mom, so I turned my day around, played with playdough with my toddler and let my newborn fall asleep on me and its only 12:00pm!