Doing the best you can

I've realized thru my metamorphosis into a mom that perfection is a distant memory I used to often try to attain but now have finally realized its o.k. to have dishes in the sink and crumbs on the floor, its o.k. to let the kids watch more than 1 tv show, its o.k. to say the wrong thing to people I love sometimes because I am tired or having a bad day, its o.k. to not be working full-time, its o.k. to have not showered today, its o.k. to feel overwhelmed and lonely sometimes -motherhood isn't for sissies but it is often unappreciated at this age, it's o.k. to have a girl day or treat myself to a pedicure-AMEN.  The bottom line is we each set our expectations of ourself and we can change those to a new normal at any time so I am vowing to lighten up on myself and others.  Perfection is overrated and as my dad says this is all building character:)