Transition to big kid bed, not the magic fix?

This is the 2nd week I have felt off, exhausted upon awaking, headache and cranky, could be a case of PMS or it could just be where I am at.   In my imaginary world I thought the  transition to a big girl bed may magically fix our 3 yr. olds sleep disturbances but what we found was now she has to readjust to the big girl bed.  The first night she got a scratch navigating around the front of it from the bedframe.  The 2nd night she wanted me to sleep in the bed, tempting as it sounded, I resisted.  The 3rd night she bumped her head on the wall because she scooted herself so far up she hit it.  These are the funny little nuances of parenthood that you just have to figure out as you go.  Part of the art of navigating this strange, wonderful, exhausting adventure is that everyone handles things differently but we are all in it together.  As we were sitting at the library today for storytime I looked over at the glossed over eyes and soft smiles and behind each mom I knew I could relate to their struggles, however big or small they are.

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The world will not end…

Today my eldest daughter stayed in her pj's all day, we visited a friend, hit a meeting for mom's sanity, went to the grocery store, had nana and papa over, played in the rain, played with tadpoles and you know what she's still in them and it's almost time for her bath.  It was lovely and it reminded me once again the age old adage of" let kids be kids" they are only kids for a brief amount of time and I don't want mine to miss a single minute of that innocence and joy they get to experience…I have been learning how to not try so hard all of the time to be this vision of what I thought a great mom would be and just be loving, present and encouraging, after all aren't these really the things kids need the most?