Crafty mom is back

So after a few weeks of letting go of my EGO and realizing there is no where I'd rather be than with my kids, I have fallen even more in love with being at home.  Between cooking good meals again and making crafts we are having a ball and our family finally has "BALANCE" again.  More importantly mama is balanced and as the saying goes "if mama ain't happy…."   I am trying to enjoy every minute to the fullest and not sweat the small stuff because although, there are alot of little annoyances the love and closeness that I feel to my kids surpasses anything I may think is a big deal. As long as I have gratitude my life is fuller than I could ever imagine.

So today's craft was making side walk paint: 

You'll need:

2 tbsps. water,    2 tbsps. cornstarch,   food coloring, paintbrushes, paper or a side walk

High fever in toddlers, when to worry

Wow the last week has been an interesting roller coaster ride.  On vacation our daughter got very sick after 24 hours of her temp being 104.9, vomitting and having excessive shaking we took her to the ER.  After a visit to the ER, and a script for amoxicillin for what they thought was an ear infection, we thought she'd be on the mend.  But as anyone with young children knows, it usually isn't that simple.  The fever continued to be very high 104.8+ and she continued vomitting.  We thought surely by Day 4 of antibiotics she'd start improving but she didn't.  At our pediatrician's recommendation we brought her to our local hospital on Sunday, and although they couldn't diagnose the virus they did say the x-ray showed some infection in the lungs, elevated white blood cells and she needed fluids.  Watching your 2 year old get an IV is not easy but she was a trooper.

So what helped?

Her first solids were jello and apple sauce.  To drink: pedialyte she threw up but a mix of 1/2 powerade 1/2 water worked best.  She also threw up Gatorade, maybe too sweet.  Dairy made her vomit worse I have heard both sides, to stop dairy when they are sick and we learned that to be true this time.  By Day 5 of the illness the fever had subsided and she was able to eat some chicken soup. 

I thought this post may help some parents who go through something similar