Create an active imagination

Looking thru the eyes of a child is so amazing they see the art in everything from a diaper box to a puffs cereal container or the art of dressing up in fairy wings and putting spells on everything in sight.  I have learned these little things may seem small but are forming the traits that may encourage my daughters creativity and exploration from now until the day she chooses her chosen career so remember everything you do with your kids is encouraging them to experience the world around them and learn from yes even a diaper box.

Getting organized

Tis the time of year for new years resolutions and out with the old in with the new approaches to living.  This year a goal of mine is to get rid of the stuff sitting in the closets not being used, the clothes I haven't worn in years but "save in case I might need them", the comforters that no one uses, the dingy towels, the pretty's that you have no where to put with 2 young children, the books you will never read again, in other words the clutter weighing us down.  1st step in my organizing was to make my daughters toys appear more visually accesible they were in a soft toy trunk but got so buried some were pushed to the bottom and never played with.  So for anyone trying to organize I bought a 6 cube laminate system at Kmart and love it, it has fabric bins you can purchase seperately, 29.99 very affordable and bins were on sale for $2.50each and looks nice not messy.  My 2nd step is to take all emotional attachments off of things and realize they are just things the people in my life are what matter most not the stuff. 

IN charge of my happiness

Be Content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.
-Lao Tzu

I have been fighting life lately, still wishing certain things were different and I have to recall everything is exactly as god wants it in his world.  A good night of sleep makes a huge difference in my outlook and ability to not sweat the small stuff.  For the last 3 nights my toddler has woken up and needless to say I am tired of being tired… 


Sweetness of children

So today I was thinking wow I get to stay home with my girls for now and enjoy seeing them awake smiling and giggling and some people do not have the ability to even consider staying home…some people can barely put dinner on the table financially.  It got me focused again on gratitude and being that its a new year I have a positive outlook that good things will continue to come to those in need.  I got to see my daughter wake up from her nap smiling from ear to ear and I will be able to see her 1st steps thanks to being at home, again gratitude is where I need to stay, always…thanks god!