throwing out the rules for a day or week!!

Gosh its been awhile since I've blogged and to all of my loyal readers I am sorry I got a little lost in me and realized how much I missed writing.  2012 is off to a great start for my family and I but I am still having some inner struggles with where I am supposed to be.  One week I am completely content working and then the next I cry dropping off my littlest and feel like the worst parent for going back to work part-time.  Guilt is a tough one and I love my children so much it is also hard to trust that others will watch them and care for them just fine without me.  I have also been under alot of stress even with a part-time job come responsibilities and new things to learn, mistakes and expectations of yourself.  This weekend I decided we've been too regimented and I've been worrying to much and we needed some sponatenity so Friday night we went to a great outdoor restaurant called Inlet Harbor on the water that also has a pirate ship for the kids to play in and live music!  We had a leisurely family dinner while the girls played and I danced with them.  Great night, followed by another great day at an outdoor festival today.  I had a date with my oldest and we got a cupcake, got her face painted and just enjoyed the day.  Then I got a hot chocolate and we met up with dad and sis for some errands and home for a yummy dinner.  I can get so caught up and the daily ins and outs I forget that my husband and I need to have fun just as much as our children so get out there and make some new memories!