Gratitude begets gratitude

Well the last several days worth of entries in my Language of Letting Go have been about the importance of thanking those we love and spending time with those we love, it suggests writing a letter, sending an e-mail or card to let those who have taught you something, been there for you during a difficult time or just stuck by your side.  It got me thinking about the definition of a friend so I utilized wikipedia to find this:

  • The tendency to desire what is best for the other
  • Sympathy and empathy
  • Honesty, perhaps in situations where it may be difficult for others to speak the truth, especially in terms of pointing out the perceived faults of one's counterpart
  • Mutual understanding and compassion
  • Trust in one another; able to go to each other for emotional support
  • Through the years I have learned that often times people come into and out of our life for a reason, season or lifetime but they always teach us something.. so grab that special friend and spend some time with them they may need it as much as you….

    New phase

    Alright I had to blog about this one…my 20-month old has entered a new phase where when I put her down for her nap she poops and won't nap…so if I             hear her talking or calling for me I know she's pooped so I change her and try to put her back down and guess what she doesn't want to nap…fun fun….with the newborn and her its always nice to have a few minutes break if their naps can overlap but the last few days neither has been on schedule…eeekkk this to shall    pass and I always try to make the best of it and remember they are only this age once and one day I will miss these little nuances:)  Right now she is listening    to my CD walkman meditation music..and smiling with joy.

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    Kick it

    So for the past severals weeks we've been noticing our 20 month old is really into kicking 2 pool balls around the house she's entertained for 30-45 minutes at a time just doing this so my husband bought her a small soccer ball and we headed to the park to test it out tonight…as soon as she saw the ball she said "kick it" because thats what daddy has been telling her everytime she kicks the other balls at home.  So we get to the park and here goes Miss Madalynn volleying the ball at 20 months we were sooo proud…its such a small thing but its the knowing we get to teach this little person just about everything she knows and supporting what she chooses to do or not to do…as we enjoyed our time at the park a few ants bit at my ankle but it was all worth it to see the smile on that kids face and her have to be pulled from the park because she kept wanting to play:)

    Simple things…

    My husband and I made dinner last night together rather than apart, usually I tend to make the meals but with a new baby he has been helping more and it turns out the man can cook quite good too!  Last night we were making ziti and decided to make it together it was so fun sharing kitchen space and learning how each of us tackles the art of creating a meal for our family differently…he taught me that baked ziti is quite good without ricotta so for variety we don't always have to use it!  I taught him fresh herbs change the way the sauce tastes but can be substituted if we don't have them:)  And kisses while cooking are a must!  We are teaching our kids mommy and daddy love eachother…

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    Effects of sleep deprivation

    I hadn't really given it much thought until the other day when I went to close the milk cap with the nipple that goes on my daughter's bottle and it got me thinking a friend mentioned a show on Discovery Health and how the brain begins to shut down for 10 second intervals…it made me think of all of us moms out there who have kids close in age and have gone several years without consistent sleep….so seize the nap when you can or ask your husband to help more I know I plan on it…the housework can wait