Making your own traditions

This morning as I was making blueberry pancakes for our family I was thinking how did this come about up until 2 yrs. ago I didn't ever make pancakes…well what changed is I now have a 2 yr. old who loves them so about 6-8 months ago I started making pancakes and then adding blueberries because its one of her fav fruits and now we have a weekly tradition.  Its the simplest things…a special prayer before dinner, an annual outing with a friend or relative, decorating the weekend after thanksgiving, putting a special ornament up, heading back to where it all began with your spouse, whatever your tradition remember this is teaching your children continuity and that some things are very special and reserved for once a year etc. so go make a new tradition!


So I walked around the corner today and found my Madalynn reading to my 6 month old..they were both sitting on the ground (baby can sit up now) and she literally had brought a book over to the baby and was explaining, "dog, cat, " and the sounds they make…my eyes got full of tears…I know this is a bond I never experienced I love my brothers dearly but its just different, we couldn't share girl stuff or borrow eachothers clothes or talk about boys or cry on eachothers shoulders.  I am so proud of how my 23 month old has taken to the role of "big sister" so responsible and loving always helping give a bottle or bringing mommy supplies.  So for those of you who read my blog regularly now you can see the transition from birth to now and with all its ups and downs we are coming thru the other side:)


So I am realiazing sometimes we just have to take all of our rules and throw them out for the day and enjoy our kids especially if you are at home 24-7 with your kids and can get stuck in the irritating short-temper rut.  Thats what today is about…I pushed my daughter as fast as I could around in her little tykes car all the while getting quite alot of cardio and we almost tipped it over a few times(we were inside) we both laughed hysterically, the dog chased us and I remembered why I need to have fun and act like a kid myself….all the positive endorphins and did you know toddlers laugh hundreds of times a day but we as adults tend to laugh as few as 1:(  Thats a sad statistic so laugh laugh laugh



One of those days..

I tell you just when you get comfortable and in a routine everything changes again and throws you.  THe past few weeks have been better and my reactions and patience is reflective in alot of how my toddler reacts to me but sometimes you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed that was me today….maybe because my hubby sent my toddler into wake me up although a sweet gesture the baby was sleeping in our room so she also woke her up when she normally sleeps another 2 hours!  Thanks dad so I tried to put on the happy face, went to yoga and tried to reflect patience but now as I type the toddler is screaming after we put her down for her nap and it took all morning for the baby to be happy.  So as the saying goes that my mother loves so much…"it is what it is" I am not super human and have alot on my plate so when I get overwhelmed its o.k. to walk outside, ask hubby for help or cry which sometimes makes you feel so much better.

Smell of a baby..oh so sweet

So yesterday I had the opportunity to have a phone interview for a possible job and amist all of the anxiety and excitment I realized I needed to sllllloooowwww down and breath, take everything in that I already have and cherish that…for that moment it was letting my sweet 6 month old fall asleep on me…looking at her crystal blue eyes and feeling her warmth made me so thankful for the gift of children and life.  I smelled her hair which I have always loved the scent of each of my children so unique to them and perfect.  So cherish those little one's they grow so fast!