Say no to bullying

Yesterday as I was tucking my oldest who is 5 in she said very matter of factly, “Mom I will never be a bully”.  I wanted to be sure I understood her so I said “Did you say bully sweetie?” Yes mom she replied.  “Today at school we read a book about bullies and I will never be one.”  I said “Do you understand what a bully is?”  Yes-someone who picks on their friends or is mean to them.  I gotta admit this was the proudest I have ever been of her in one day she had made a decision to not be part of the crowd to be apart from if need be to stand up for herself and her friends.  The next thing she said blew me away I asked what she would do if she saw a bully.  “I would tell them No don’t be mean to my friend or me and I would tell someone.”  I hugged her like I never wanted to let go and told her she was the coolest kid I’ve ever known.. she has this kind soul and amazes me at her poise at such a young age.  So the moral of this is it is never to early to start having conversations that could change your life or the life of someone else.

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