Sibling Rivalry

The last week or so have been interesting the girls have been fighting more than usual, today our oldest daughter (whose 3 1/2) was caught smacking her sister (whose 2) on the arm multiple times over playdough.  There has been numerous crying and the "bbbuuttt she's" have been endless.  I have been cool as a cucumber with them for a few months and then it all goes out the window with a week like this.  In addition to the fighting we are in the trenches with the pull up vs. diapers battle with our youngest meaning she will only wear a pull up and now takes it off when it's full of poop and gets it everywhere.  Last night in 4 minutes I put a new pull up on her, she pooped in it, I put another one on and 2 seconds later she took it off saying I peed.  The diapers market is a gold mine!  I have to say it is true you clean the floors, they come in with muddy feet, Murphy's Law. But as I type this I am reminded, although I am guilty of alot of time outs this week and a few over reactions we are raising daughter's who will hopefully learn how to treat eachother with respect and in turn thank us someday or at least a mom can dream can't she?

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