So fitting for today…from

O.k. so I was grumpy this morning due to a 1am and5 am feeding and starting to get short-tempered with hubby and toddler and then I read this.."Find a quiet place today and take a deep breath. Remember that perfection is unattainable and chaos is reality. Remind yourself that getting down on the floor and playing with your kids is more important than that sink of breakfast dishes, and to carve out time to nurture your body, soul, and marriage. …"

boy does that say it all…but I think I still try to do it all and perfectionism is sooo a part of me that I am slowly letting go of now that I am a mom, so I turned my day around, played with playdough with my toddler and let my newborn fall asleep on me and its only 12:00pm!

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